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" ​Asked [our daughter] today if she wanted to try virtual acting classes this fall, she didn’t even look up from breakfast, “No.” 


"Well, what if the teacher's name rhymed with Jatie Kuster?" My ears still hurt from the shriek of delight, 2020 will have some high points in its future.


If you have an aspiring thespian in your home, we can't recommend Katie enough"

- Parents of a Student

"She is one of the funniest human beings and most gifted teachers I have ever met...


I hear firsthand from my own voice students how much they love working with her in youth theatre spaces on the seacoast of NH"

- Colleague and Voice Teacher, Rachel Pantazis

"Looking for acting lessons for your munchkin? WELL one of the best actors I know is offering virtual acting lessons!!! Check Her out!"

- Colleague and Dance Teacher, Andrea Lyons

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